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Family, Motherhood and More | My Cancer Scare at 32

As I was writing the title, I still am counting my blessing that this time everything turned out to be okay! Please be advised that I am sharing my own personal stories, my symptoms do now mean you have cancer and I am using this as a way to spread education about Ovarian Cancer. Why do I want to educate you may be asking? The answer is quite simple, Women's Gynecological Cancers and Autoimmune issues like Endometriosis are almost always missed or brushed off as something else. Gynecological Cancers are also called the silent killer for that exact reason, most of the time by the time it is found the cancer has taken over.

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Family, Motherhood and More | Cleaner plus Allergy Friendly Easter Basket Candy Guide

I don't know about you but our family has always had Easter baskets filled with candy and plastic egg hunts that contained candy, toys or money! We have continued the tradition with our kids but a few things have changed. One of those changing things was the amount of candy we gave and how clean the candy was. Don't get me know wrong our kids and myself still enjoy candy every now and again. These are really the same candy choices just made with cleaner ingredients, plus allergy friendly options also.

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Clean Body & Skin Care | Body Butter, Lotion & Oil

A few years ago, I would be honest to tell you I had no idea what body butter, lotion and oil where let alone that they were even those three options! Today I am much more educated and have learned what each are, how they are different and even how to make my oil body butter and oil. I promise to share both recipes alone with tips no one talks about soon! First lets discuss what they all are and better understand how each are different.

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