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How to Apply Mineral Makeup

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You just got your mineral makeup and are all excited to apply it, but are not really sure how to apply it. Don't you worry, I have broken it down step by step to help you achieve the perfect finished look. Before we begin make sure that you are using the correct and clean make up brushes. Let's talk make up brushes real quick! You have two choices in what the brush part is made from, real animal fur or synthetic. Choosing a synthetic option is going to be the best for your skin and the animals! Not only are they vegan friendly, synthetic brushes are hypoallergenic, less expensive and will not effect you finished look. Staying in budget Eco-Tools Make Up Brushes are my go to, you can find them easily in stores, priced very reasonably and the handles are created out of renewable bamboo and other recycled materials. They offer this brush kit that has everything you need for only $12.99, it is on sale for $6.88 right know!  You get 5 brushes that will take care of your entire face from concealer to eyes, check it out here. Now we are ready to apply our mineral concealer and foundation!


  1. Shake a little of the concealer onto the top of the sifter. Press the concealer brush into the mineral powder until powder is on the brush. Tap off any excess powder over jar. 
  2. Gently tap the concealer brush onto the face in areas that you want to conceal. Once you tap the concealer onto the areas, blend it in moving in a circular upward motion. 
  3. When concealing under eyes apply the concealer in a triangle shape, starting at the corner of your eye and bringing it down on an angle and repeating that on the other corner of the eye. Draw a line under your eye and blending it in in that triangle shape. 
  4. Repeat Step 1 until you have concealer all you need to conceal.


  1. Shake a little of the foundation onto the top of the sifter. Press the foundation brush into the mineral powder until powder is on the brush. Tap off any excess powder over jar.
  2. Apply to entire face in circular upward motion starting at your chin and working up. 
  3. Repeat step 1 & 2 until you have reached your desired coverage. Don't forget you neck!

Now you are ready to add your highlighter and bronzer. You are stunning and beautiful, go show off your beauty for the world to see! Mineral makeup is hypoallergenic, lightweight and provides about a 15 SPF. Safe for all skin types. Few Mineral Makeup Tips:

  1. If skin is dry, exfoliate before applying and use a primer. This way the powder won't look patchy. 
  2. Be sure to tap off any extra powder over the jar before applying to face.
  3. If using a primer or moisturizer under makeup, be sure to allow time for your face to dry completely before apply mineral makeup. No body wants a clumpy look. 

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