Eating a Balanced Diet VS Dieting

Channon Adams

After creating a guide for you last time on how to begin healthy eating, I wanted to share with you more about how the importance of understanding a balanced diet vs crash diets. Understanding how much of everything you body needs on a day to day basis, make's it that much more easier to choose healthier options when faced with every day life. I have read what feels like a zillion healthy cookbooks, watched umpteen cooking shows, endless you tube videos, scrolled up and down google and realized that you either get one extreme to the next. Either you need to eat super healthy or super bad, but can there be an in between? After experimenting with many diets the only thing I can personally say is diets never worked for a long period of time. Diet's usually have you remove specific food groups causing your body to show some results quickly but they will not stay. They also can cause your body harm by become malnourished or lacking nutrients that you may have eliminated from your diet. Understanding what your body needs to stay healthy is my personal best choice.

Once I started to relearn what foods to eat vs avoid I truly started to see food through a different lens. Food wasn't just a meal to keep me going or a suggestion if to eat, it became nourishment and beauty in my eyes. There is something about eating healthy and understanding why and what you are getting is helping your body. Slowly I started to see my sugar crashes and cravings go down and an increase in my energy levels. Also noticing that my body and skin have never felt or looked this good. Now I need to add in more exercise but one thing at a time! LOL

It made me think that eating a well balanced diet and allowing yourself to splurge whenever the time comes seems to work the best for us. Telling yourself not to eat something only makes you want it even more, but instead eating 80% real food there is room for 20% real life. The last thing you want to do is deprive yourself and make things complicated. Each week I create meals for the week making sure that each meal is filled with the right amount from each group and try our best to limit our gluten intake. 

Once your done creating your meal, the best way to stay on the health eats path is to prep and lay out what days of the week each dinner is going to be on. By doing this you are allowing yourself to re purpose leftovers, dice veggies or fruit before hand and keep your self from ordering out or grabbing a not so healthy option. Find what works for you, your body and your family. Not all things are bad when eating and some bad things are good when you eat them in moderation! Do you best to not feel a certain way if you don't eat quinoa and want to substitute it for brown or even white rice. Eating healthy should be just a way of eating and not a hassle or struggle. Plus life is too short to not enjoy a piece of pizza or cake every now and again! 

XO Channon

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