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Give the Gift of Family Bonding

Channon Adams

As holiday's and birthdays approach I'm frequently asked what do the kids need and or want. The answer to need is usually clothes or nothing and for want, they always want everything, am I right. Having three children from ages 7 - 13 I can say I've seen the toy gift cycle. Most of the toys are played with for a few weeks and then forgotten forever. Some toys have a longer impact on a child's life and are played with till they fall apart, only to have them put back to together until broken again. Liquid concrete, black gorilla tape, a needle & thread is our toy emergency kit! As our kids get older and their toys find there way to the basement or garage sale the want turns into money, video games or an electronic.  

Wanting to gift more then money or electronics of any kind I started to think about what else would be an option. Spending time as a family is more important than ever, as most families are constantly on the go in many different directions. Not to mention a lot of jobs come home with you as you have to be on call all the time. I know I can't be the only person that feels this way so I have created a list of gift ideas that can allow the entire family to enjoy something together.


  • Baking Class
  • Cooking Class
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate


  • Canvas Painting Class
  • Paint Ceramics
  • Wood Sign Making Class


  • Amusement Park
  • Apple Picking 
  • Arboretum 
  • Arcade Card
  • Ax Throwing
  • Zoo Passes
  • Bounce Park
  • Bowling 
  • Comedy Club Tickets
  • Go Karts
  • Ice Skating 
  • Indoor Skydiving 
  • Lazer Tag 
  • Lego Land Passes
  • Movie Theater Gift Certificate
  • Museum Passes
  • Paintball
  • Pumpkin Patch 
  • Roller Skating 
  • Round of Golf
  • Round of Mini Golf
  • Sporting event Tickets
  • Theater Tickets
  • Trampoline Park
  • Water Park 


Not only is this a way to keep family together more but it also allows you to support local and small business. I know some of the choices seem quirky, but image the memory you will have in 10 years. Memories that you cannot loose or be destroyed and be the talk of the table. Remember when... let that be your dinner talk this holiday season. Do you have any other gift ideas? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you! 

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