Self Care isn't Selfish

Let me ask you when is the last time you peed without an audience, read a magazine or book, relaxed in a hot bath or sipped on a hot cup of coffee. P.S. Coffee that has been warmed up for the third time that day doesn't count! If you are unable to remember that it has been too long. My kids are 12, 10 & 6 and it has taken me till my youngest was two to stop feeling guilty about taking me time. I would tell myself, "How can I take a moment for me when I'm needed as mom, wife, dog mom, housekeeper and business owner?" That all stopped after having one of those days were nothing was going right and my emotions were extra. You know what I'm talking about? For the first in eight years I let that voice in my head go and for a moment I took time to take care of me. I haven't looked back since and have made it part of my everyday life.

Since adding self-care to my life I have been able to find out who I really am. Not who Channon the mom, wife and owner is but who I am. I feel closer than ever with my husband and kids as well as seen my energy level increase. It is easy to get lost or forget who you are when you’re trying to manage everything, but know that it's okay to give yourself a break and care of just you. How can you give if you never give to yourself? When you take time to allow your body to stop, you are giving your body a much needed break. Close your eyes take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Discover who the real you is and start listening and trusting yourself more. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how good you feel and open your eyes to new adventures. There is not right or wrong way to practice self-care, do what allows your mind and body a chance to slow down and unwind. If you wait for the perfect time, you will be waiting forever, listen to your body it will tell you when it's time to take a break.

XO Channon

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