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Prevent Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

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Ingrown hairs and razor burn are both uncomfortable and do look the best. If you are looking for a few things to help prevent them then continue reading to achieve the perfect shave. Understanding each of them are and how they are caused will help you to prevent them. 

Ingrown Hairs

  • An ingrown hair is when a hair grows either backwards or sideways causing a red bump that may or not become infected. They may happen any place on your body where the hair has been broken off unevenly.

Razor Burn

  • Razor burn is when the skin becomes inflamed causing little red bumps that may burn, itch and sting. Razor burn may be cause by
    • Not shaving properly
    • Using a dull razor
    • Shaving when skin is not wet or lubricated
    • Not moisturizing after

Taking a few extra steps in your shaving routine will help prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. 

  • Never use a Dull Razor
    • Using a dull razor may cause an uneven shave or tugging of the hair resulting in razor burn with a potential for an ingrown hair

Tip! Change blades for your razor after 5 - 7 uses.

  • Never Shave Skin Without Water
    • Warm warm helps to open your pores creating less tugging of the hair when shaving. Shaving without water or some lubrication you are almost guaranteed to get razor burn and possible an ingrown hair. 
  • Exfoliate Before Shaving
    • Not only is exfoliating and important step in a healthy skin care routine, but it is just as important when you want to shave. Removing the layer of dry and dead skin cells before shaving allows an extra close shave, leaving the chance of an ingrown hair or razor burn to a minimal.
  • Shave Properly
    • Rule of thumb, go with the hair growth
      • Legs - Start at your ankles and work up
      • Bikini - Go with hair growth
      • Armpit - Any direction
      • Face - Go with hair growth

Tip! Rinse razor and do not leave in shower. Store razor in a dry place.

  • Rinse in Cool Water
    • Rinsing in cool water allows our pores to close keeping bacteria and dirt out. If shaving face out of shower, apply a shave cream to keep skin hydrated to keep irritation and pulling down. Rinse razor after each swipe.
  • Moisturize After Shaving
    • Applying a moisturizer to damp skin allows it to absorb better giving your skin all the vitamin and nutrient it needs to stay healthy.

Tip! After shaving your bikini area try to avoid tight fitting underwear as they may cause irritation leading to razor burn. 

Okay what are you waiting for, go try the steps and get excited to see what a difference shaving properly can result in! I would love to hear if adding any of these extra steps have helped you keep razor burn and ingrown hairs down.

XO Channon

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