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Healthy Skin is More Than a Healthy Skin Care Routine

Channon Adams

One complaint that is head over and over in the skin care field is "I'm using all the right skin care products and make-up geared for my skin type but am still breaking out." Unfortunately that is not a quick complaint to answer, but I have create a check list for you to go through with the understanding that healthy skin takes more then just skin care. Go through each item and decide if you need to switch some products around or add a little yoga to your daily day. After about a month of your change you body, mind and skin should begin to show all your hard work really does pay off. Trust me I am acne prone with hormonal acne and understand the frustration 100%. Give yourself time and make the commitment to better skin health, body health and mind awareness.
Laundry: Most traditional laundry soap have SLS a harsh chemical cleaner that is know to be a skin irritant. Switching over to a natural SLS free laundry soap and ditching your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls keeps you skin calm and irritated free.
Sunscreen: Always wear sunscreen 365 days a year plus 366 every 4 years!
Skin Care Products: Use skin care products that are designed for your skin care type and that are non toxic, organic and plant based. Not sure what skin type you have check out What Skin Type Are You here to find out.
Make-Up: Make up is just as important as skin care products. Be sure you are using natural, non toxic makeup with a primer that is designed for you skin type.
Healthy Eating: Eat 80% real food 20% life with limited gluten intake. Gluten is an inflammatory food so if you are an acne sufferer gluten may make it worse even if your not allergic to it. 
Stay Hydrated: Your skin is a living breathing organ and is made up of 69% water. Drink half your body weight in ounces daily to keep your body and skin hydrated.
Stress: Take a minimum of 10 mins each day to allow yourself to destress and unwind. Draw yourself a warm bath, go on a walk, read a book, listen to music, meditate or embark in some yoga. Do what allows you body to calm down, relax and find peace.
Caffeine Intake: While I myself enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee, limiting your daily caffeine intake.
Hair Products: This one might be surprising to you but if you think about when you are washing or conditioning you hair the products will run down your face as well as your back and upper chest. Be sure you are using a sulfate and paraben free organic shampoo and conditioner. 
Exercise: Daily exercise is not only beneficial for you overall health, it helps reduce stress, improve circulation and boost your energy levels. 
How many of on the check list are already doing and how many are you going to make the change? If you have any more tips or ways to reduce stress leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you have to say.
XO Channon


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