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Hello, my name is Channon Adams not your average wife, mom or lifestyle blogger. My life looked a lot different 4 years ago, I was living life with no regard to our planet, my health and the health of my family. It took our family being hit with life changing health issues within a year's time and my body almost shutting down for change to happen. Starting the fall we learned that my husband Josh has an inoperable AVM (Arterial Venus Malformation) located in the left occipital lobe in the brain measuring 4.5 cm, few months later the truth we knew about our son Conner became reality. Conner has Tourettes syndrome and Autism, just to clarify Tourettes is more than shouting swear words! Only 5% off all cases show shouting swear words to be present. Tourettes is a neurological disorder that creates uncontrollable motor, vocal and muscle tics. He has all forms of tics including screaming and shouting but not swearing! Now if that wasn't enough stress in a short amount of time I had found myself with crippling anxiety, severe cystic acne, super dry and sensitive skin, my hair was falling out by the clumps and my body had put on 44 lbs within a month.

Telling myself it was probably just stress due to the recent information I was still trying to process, I tried to push it down. It was time for my 6 month paps and I can remember it like it was yesterday the gyno asked "Have you been feeling okay lately? I see a lump in your throat and we are going to run a thyroid screening." Never once thinking something could be wrong with my thyroid. My thyroid was producing so much hormone it was dangerous for my heart, health and wellness. Graves which is an autoimmune disease was effecting my thyroid. Doing what I thought was right at the time I had a RAI (Radio Active Iodine Treatment) making the thyroid no longer work all without having to have surgery. Few months after the treatment the real fun began.

Channon Adams | Your Toxic Free Momma

Unable to level out my thyroid my body couldn't handle the stress anymore. All of a sudden I was down to 110 lbs (I was at 144), more hair was falling out, cystic acne was worse, I was constantly freezing (even in 90 degree weather), extreme mood swings were no joke, anxiety with panic attacks and joint and muscle pain that was so bad there were days I could barley walk. To say I was miserable was an understatement but I knew something drastic needed to happen. I told myself from that moment I was going to heal my body, mind and life one day at a time. With healing I decided it was time to get a full body physical, because being honest it had been years since I had one. I asked the doctor to run every test, hormone test, image scan, specialist what ever it was I needed to feel better and that's what she did. I discovered I had high testosterone levels from PCOS, high good cholesterol, high liver enzymes and food allergies, just to begin.

As more negative results rolled in, my research into organic holistic living became my every waking moment. I was bound and determined to find answers and so my journey began. My journey to living a healthy holistic and eco-conscious life has been rewarding in ways I couldn't imagine. My body has begun to heal and my skin has seen a huge improvement, no skin issues for the kids or the hubby(whom no matter what he uses on his skin has zero issues, sometimes I really hate him for this!! lol), healthier gut and more mindful choices from the whole family. Along my journey I have discovered how companies are allowed to put dangerous ingredients in everyday products and food.


Channon Adams | Your Toxic Free Momma

Your Toxic Free Momma was created to share, educate and encourage healthier choices for you, your family and our planet one swap at a time. Sharing products that really work, ways to be more budget friendly, food that is real while also tasting good, convince and life as a mom, wife, small business owner, your friend and planet lover! Always enjoy honest reviews, real life and a mom doing her best. I'm not perfect, but am doing what works for me, my family and our budget? Enjoy all parts of my life from acne approved skin care, clean beauty, holistic wellness & clean food to motherhood, marriage and hormone awareness! I am so happy to have you here and cannot wait to be friends. Please feel free to reach out to say hi, talk or if you have any questions! Let's work together to create a cleaner tomorrow:) our planet and health is depending on it.

Talk Soon,

Channon Adams